The New Normal for Emergency Medical Services

Designing & Transitioning the EMS industry to the post-COVID-19 world

Advisors in the Cambridge Consulting Group have been deeply involved on the front lines of American EMS during the coronavirus pandemic that has swept the globe. Many of our Advisors are managing the response of their EMS agencies, others are meeting with federal officials regularly working to improve the government’s actions in support of EMS, still others are conducting research and developing redesign models for organizations to meet this new challenge.

From the severe shortage of personal protective supplies and equipment (PPE), to sustaining service through repetitive waves of COVID-19 infections, to dealing with the dramatic impact the pandemic surge has caused to the entire healthcare system, especially EMS and hospital emergency departments, CCG has been assessing the response of the paramedicine industry, identifying the weak links in our collective infrastructure and developing mechanisms to improve our systems. It is clear, our EMS system must be redesigned to create a robust and durable structure that can meet the demand of pandemics.

CCG is ready to help redesign the delivery of EMS and transition agencies to their new future

Our Philosophy on Consulting

At Cambridge Consulting Group we believe problems faced by paramedicine agencies today are complex and ever evolving. As the population’s health changes, as our society changes, as the industry changes, so do the demands placed upon emergency medical and medical transportation services and the environment within which they must function.

Complex problems require multifaceted, dynamic resolutions. While best practices are important and can inform our decisions, one size does not fit all. Cookie-cutter answers cannot be successfully imposed on clients who operate with different workplace cultures, different political realities, different financial constraints and different operating responsibilities.

We are a new breed of consulting firm. We offer our clients options to address their problems with an assessment of positive and negative consequences. We help them pick the best path forward based on their culture and environment. We assist them in implementing their choices, rather than imposing our own.

Our attention, from the very beginning of our relationship with clients, is focused on their unique concerns and their special set of organizational circumstances. Understanding that is key to our ability to craft an array of truly customized solutions. We don’t believe in standard, compromised answers to our client’s issues. Instead, we tailor our approach to best address each specific engagement.


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We work as a single coordinated team, utilizing the best, most experienced specialists in the field, focused squarely on our client’s needs, providing the highest quality of service.