Since CCG’s inception in April of 2020, the firm has already provided consultation services for the following clients regarding a broad range of our services

Sparrow Health System, Lansing Michigan

  • Review for establishing medical transportation service for hospital system

ECHO Hose Emergency Medical Services, Connecticut

  • EMS system assessment

  • RFP response preparation

  • Expansion to Advanced Life Support service level

  • Organizational financial analysis

  • Fee schedule assessment

Walter Richardson Law Firm, Kentucky

  • Paramedic medical malpractice defense case review

Charlottesville Fire Department, Virginia

  • EMS service contract review

  • Assessment of out-sourced EMS versus in-housing

Legislator; State of Minnesota

  • Review of regulatory advisory board/commission

Private EMS physician, Virginia

  • EMS Medical Director RFP response preparation & submission

Private Executive EMS Leader

  • Out-placement services

Windsor Ambulance Service, Connecticut

  • Continuing EMS education services

East Windsor Ambulance Service, Connecticut

  • Continuing EMS education services

Mercy Flights, Oregon

  • Recruitment of Pilots
  • EMS executive recruitment

  • Review of billing/subscription contract

  • Review of EMS dispatching contract

  • Coordination and consolidation of regional MIH/CP programs

Cascade Medical, Washington

  • Hospital policy authorship for COVID pandemic response

  • Rewrite of hospital disaster policies for state/federal compliance

Clackamas County, Oregon (current engagement)

  • Complete EMS system review and assessment

  • Up-date of Ambulance Service Area (ASA) Plan

  • Update of Strategic Plan

National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO) (current engagement)

  • Develop and execute three-year information dissemination plan concerning contract the NHTSA’s Office of EMS to create a Model Statewide Emergency Guidelines for EMS & 911 Collaboration & Coordination with Public Health

  • Research, author and issue White Papers requested by the Technical Advisor Committee

  • Author of the Guidelines

State of Washington

  • Development of EMS Instructor Training Course

Navajo Nation (current engagement)

  • Review of entire EMS system
  • Feasibility study for Air-Medical program
  • Feasibility study for Specialty Care Transport service
  • Feasibility study for Community Paramedicine program

Yamhill County, Oregon (current engagement)

  • Review & revision of Ambulance Service Plan

Washington County, Oregon (current engagement)

  • EMS system redesign
  • Ambulance Service Plan revision
  • Development of provider RFP
  • Management of RFP process