Deployment Modeling

Cambridge Consulting Group uses sophisticated computer applications to assess volume distribution and model various deployment scenarios based on the client’s parameters. These components may include response times, population served, level of service, NFPA or ISO standards, or a combination of elements.

Using activity density plotting, heat mapping, response drive times, historical traffic patter flow, facility location modeling, and a variety of other enhanced analysis, we identify the best location for static and dynamic deployment asset positioning, based on the client’s desire for service outcome.

In addition to standard resources for such assessments, we utilize Caliber’s Maptitude and Microsoft’s Power Business Intelligence to produce our detailed and reliable

Maps Drive Time Assessment

Station Drive Time Analysis with population density overlay, assess the actual population served within each minute increment 

Chillicothe City Heat Map

Heat mapping identifies the geographic density of historical activity

Maps Heat With Drive Times

Drive Time overlaid with Heat Mapping visualizes activity with asset response

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