A measure of our performance and quality of work is evidenced by the words & actions of our own clients. Below are what they had to share about their own experiences with Cambridge Consulting Group.

Responsive. Knowledgeable. Real Pros. I have used the Cambridge Consulting Group (CCG) to assist me with a number of administrative and business tasks related to securing Medical Direction opportunities. I have found the staff at CCG to be exceedingly savvy in the business and leadership of emergency medical services. They really know their stuff and have been helpful in many ways. With a can-do approach to my questions and requests, CCG quickly and effectively managed the “back-office” tasks of Requests for Proposals, which allowed me to get on with the work of clinical medicine. It’s my pleasure to recommend their services.”

~ Danial Goltz, DO, EMS Physician & Medical Director

The level of expertise in the EMS and medical transportation areas was evident throughout the project. The level of professionalism was outstanding. Our team is highly satisfied with the information and recommendations we received. In addition, we received positive feedback from third-parties CCG interacted with as part of this project. You have built credibility and trust with multiple organizations as a result of this work. Should we need to engage a consultant again for work in this area, you will be our first contact.

~ Maine General Health

“Our agency hired Cambridge Consulting Group to conduct a robust review of our county EMS system and provide recommendations for improvement. This was a significant project and included many required deliverables. The experience and product we received exceeded our expectations. The Cambridge team is professional, approachable, personable, and responsive. The expertise of their team is truly impressive. By the end of the project, I felt like Cambridge were a part of our team and became our friends. I recommend Cambridge Consulting Group without reservation.

~ Bill Conway, Public Health Emergency Services Manager, Clackamas County Public Health Division

It has been our pleasure to work alongside Cambridge Consulting, utilizing their depth and breadth of experience in making substantial EMS system modernization changes in Washington County, Oregon. We are thankful for their critical eye, willingness to challenge the status quo, and help guide us to improving our system; increasing services in our county for years to come!”

~ Patrick J. Wineman, MPA, EFO, CFO, Washington County EMS Alliance, Vice-Chair, Division Chief of Operations, Forest Grove Fire & Rescue

“Cambridge Consulting Group brought together ambulance services knowledge and expertise that was instrumental in helping our team redesign our services. We are grateful for their ongoing support and partnership!

~ Mercy Flights


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