Vince Robbins

Founding Colleague

Vince Robbins founded the Cambridge Consulting Group after 45 years of service and experience in the EMS, medical transportation and paramedicine fields. Named as President & CEO of MONOC (NJ) in 1990 and retiring in 2019, Mr. Robbins led the company through substantial growth, dramatically expanding its EMS and medical transportation services, while its hospital membership grew from eight, to over 30. Under his leadership, MONOC emerged as a leading hospital-based EMS agency nationally, setting multiple industry records. Among them, MONOC was the first organization in New Jersey to attain CAAS accreditation in 2004 and one of only a handful of entities worldwide to achieve and maintain simultaneous certification by CAAS, CAMTS, CoAEMSP, ACE and CAAHEP.

MONOC created specialty care transportation services in New Jersey in 2005, unveiling the state’s first comprehensive, coordinated program utilizing nurses to move critically ill patients. At its peak, MONOC operated more than 100 ambulances, employed over 750 staff, and provided every level of EMS and medical transport, from BLS-Interfacility to MedEvac, and was the largest ALS service in the state. MONOC also provided the only in-field physician response program in New Jersey, the largest in the country. The company became a prolific EMS research organization, with dozens of nationally and internationally published studies and reports.

Formerly, he served in the senior administration of Temple University Hospital, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and with the New Jersey State Department of Health’s Office of Emergency Medical Services. He began his interest in EMS at the age of 15 as a cadet member of his local volunteer EMS agency, serving in various capacities, including EMT, paramedic, line officer and Captain.

Mr. Robbins has lectured and presented for the New Jersey State First Aid Council, the New Jersey Medical Transportation Association, the University of Maryland at Baltimore County’s E.M.S. degree program, several of New Jersey’s paramedic certification programs, the Newark Beth Israel EMS Physician Fellowship program, as well as many other academic and professional bodies. He has appeared as an expert in the management of medical transportation systems on national television, provided consulting services in EMS and medical transportation for hospitals, municipalities, attorneys and private organizations, and designed several EMS and medical transportation systems. Mr. Robbins has also authored numerous articles on the management and financing of mobile healthcare delivery systems, including EMS and medical transportation systems, appearing in such publications as The Journal of Emergency Medical Services, EMS World magazine and the Healthcare Financing Management Association’s FOCUS periodical. He also authored the introductory chapter on the history of EMS, and co-authored several other chapters, for the National EMS Management Association’s textbook “Management of Ambulance Services”, published by Pearson.

He has lectured and presented widely, for state EMS conferences from California to Minnesota to Pennsylvania to Connecticut and for years as faculty for EMS Today, EMS World Expo and the Pinnacle EMS Leadership Conference.

In 1993, Mr. Robbins received the American College of Healthcare Executive’s “Early Career HealthCare Executive” award and attained his Fellow several years later. In 2005, He was recognized by both a Governor’s Proclamation and a resolution by the joint Houses of the State Assembly and Senate for his outstanding contributions to the EMS industry and the citizens of New Jersey. In addition, he has served on numerous boards, task forces and oversight committees in healthcare, EMS, charities and local community groups, including the American Red Cross, Lifeline and his local School Board. Mr. Robbins has served in local government elected office and as Deputy Mayor of his hometown. He is the Immediate Past-President of the National EMS Management Association, sits on the Board of the SAVVIK Foundation and the Editorial Board of EMS World magazine, and is the representative for Hospital Based EMS systems and Chairman of NHTSA’s National EMS Advisory Council.